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Literary Bout

This spring, bring out the “literati” in you with “Literary Bout”, an umbrella of literary events and competitions attracting a large crowd all over the State. The various competitions and events attract the young, creative and prodigious literary enthusiasts and gives them the platform to showcase their talent and creativity on the big stage.

The event consists of:

Scriptura: A very tightly fought situation manipulation, spot writing competition.

Shabdabali: A multiple level vocabulary tester offered in both Assamese and English that appropriately functions as a grammatical joy ride for all enthusiast.

LIT-Quiz: Simply put, the love of every reader.

SNAP-O-GINE: The online caption writing contest.

Doodlers: A cartoon sketching (self-created) competition, for all age groups.

Scribbles: Bringing those masterpieces from your last pages to the front.

Flash Fiction: For a series of Picture, one puts up a story in one’s own imaginations.

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