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About Phoenix

Phoenix is the three-day long annual cultural fest of Jorhat Engineering College. Drawing its analogy from the Greek mythological bird, JEC's Phoenix too symbolizes renewal and regeneration. These three days are a rich assimilation of art and culture which brings you some of the best art forms, ranging from the classical folk music and dance to regional rock music to various other contemporary art forms. Over the past five years, Phoenix, through its ethnicity, uniqueness and quality has etched itself onto the list of the best cultural festivals of North-East India. The fanfare, the pomp and the show is curated by people who are noted professionals in their respective feilds and this therefore inevitably attracts a huge footfall as well as the attention of web media and regional media.


The enchanting land of Assam is home to various radical stocks like the Mongoloid, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan and hence, it is the meeting ground of several diverse cultures. These cultures, over a long period of assimilation, have given birth to the rich and exotic Assamese Culture which stands out today for its ethnicity, history and uniqueness. To promote this very rich heritage of ours, we at Phoenix have taken it up as the theme for this year. The stage, the set up, the events, everything has been curated to portray the magnificence and grandeur of Assam. Come join us for this three day extravaganza to experience art, music and dance clad in the most beautiful cloak of Assam's ethnicity.

মাটিকালিৰে আটাইতকৈ ডাঙৰ নহলেও বাৰে বৰণীয়া কলা কৃষ্টিৰে সমৃদ্ধ আমাৰ অসম ভাৰতৰ ভিতৰতেই সকলোতকৈ বিচিত্ৰ ৰাজ্য। অসমত বহুতো জাতি জনজাতিৰ লোক মিলাপ্ৰীতিৰে বাস কৰে আৰু প্ৰতিটো জাতি জনজাতিৰেই নিজৰ ভাষা সংস্কৃতি আছে। এই সকলোৱে মিলি বৃহৎ অসমীয়া সংস্কৃতি গঠন কৰিছে। আহক 'ফিনিক্স 2020' ত বাৰে বৰণীয়া এই অসমীয়া সংস্কৃতিৰ প্রতিটো ৰং দেহত সানি আমাৰ বুকুত থকা অসমীয়া সত্বাক পুনৰ আবিষ্কাৰ কৰোঁ।


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